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The Affiliate Plan

Hello and welcome to the Seecratz affiliate plan.

I'm guessing you are here to earn money, so no time to waste, we will start at the beginning.

Jamie & Gabriella
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The affiliate plan is designed to introduce new members to the Seecratz Social Media platform.

OK, now that’s understood, let’s tell you how it works, and the potential money you can earn.

Huge earning Potential

You are paid upto 50% commission

Earn £90.00 for introducing just one Agent - Here's how you do it...

Your annual income can increase by £18.00 for each new Agent you introduce.

For example – If you introduce a new Agent this month, you will receive £1.50 and continue to receive £1.50 for every month that agent continues their Agent membership – This means introducing just one agent could earn you upto £18.00 per year.

12 months x £1.50 = £18.00

And it keeps rolling on for the full duration of the Agents membership. This means introducing just one Agent could earn you £18.00 per year for many years. Over a 5 year period, you would earn £90.00 for introducing just one agent. Let me repeat that, you would earn £90.00 for introducing just one agent.

How many Agents could you introduce?

How Much Can I Earn

So we know introducing just one Agent can earn you £18.00 per year.

It’s a simple affiliate plan without complications, so that means with a dedicated attitude, you should find it fairly easy to introduce new members. Right, let’s estimate how many Agents you think you can introduce and calculate your potential earnings.

Here’s an example based on introducing just 200 new Agents per year (that’s less than 4 per week): –

£18.00 x 200 = £3600.00 

Use the money conversion to check how much £3600.00 is in your currency.

Why not start by inviting your family and friends to take advantage of this great opportunity, followed by your social media network connections, and social media posts inviting new members – It’s that simple.

Remember: Members you encourage to join who start earning money will want to continue doing so each month. That means YOU will continue to earn each month from their membership.

Feel at home

We are here to support you.

When you join – A detailed guide on how to operate the affiliate plan will  be available to you along with access to your personal affiliate dashboard.

For now, here are some of the key features of the dashboard you will see.

Start Here

To get you started - Includes your affiliate referral links, QR Code and referral url generator.

Statistic Overview

Shows an overview of link visits, referrals, commission earnings, payment and lifetime links.


Shows a full listing of referrals generated from your affiliate links, dates and reference numbers.


Shows a full list of commission payments sent to you - dates, amounts, and payment method.


A list of website visits generated by you, where from, dates and if converted to memberships.


Provides images you can use to generate interest through various media - Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Your Support Team?

Amelia Bower
Charlie Davidson
Olivia Fisher
Evan Glover

A Helping Hand

Easy process

01 free membership

Potential new members may hesitate to join. so we need to remove that hesitancy. To do that we offer free 'Team' membership.

02 What is Team Membership

Team membership allows members to have almost complete access to all the social media features, and allows them to earn from the affiliate plan. But the commission they earn is a reduced 20%

03 Lifetime referrals

If you introduce Team members, the referral will be assigned to you as a Lifetime referral. That will show in your dashboard statistics.

04 Will I get paid for introducing Team members

Team members will see how easy the affiliate plan is to earn money, and then soon realise the Agent plan paying 50% commission is a much better option. They will then upgrade to an Agent membership, and because they are one of your lifetime referrals YOU will earn the 50% commission for introducing them. And continue earning that 50% every month.

What will you do with your earnings?

Buy new furniture? Re-design your home? A new car or simply to pay the ever increasing bills?

do you have any questions?

The best way to answer any questions is to invite you to join as a free Team member. It will take less than a minute to sign-up, and allow you to explore all the social media AND affiliate features.

Don’t hesitate any longer…. Let’s start earning you money.

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Our Promise

Don't be fooled

Have you seen social media posts:
claiming they make thousands each day?
Or, They want to share their secret of how to become a millionaire:
It's a scam...
Even if you are desperate for money, please do not fall for these scams
How to detect scams...

It's easy to spot a scam...
Anybody claiming they earn thousands each day, or are on the way to becoming a millionaire are scamming you.
That's how easy it is.
We believe in honesty

Our promise...
with the right dedication the seecratz affiliate plan is guaranteed to increase your annual earnings to help pay the bills, allow you to buy luxury items, or even become your main source of income.
will Seecratz make you an overnight millionaire? No...