Application to join the Seecratz team

Who are you?

Our style is to make everything as simple as possible, and that includes your application...
Keeping it simple

Application Guide

01 Start application

To start, you will be asked to complete a very basic name and email address application form. An automated email will be sent to confirm your email address.

02 Create your profile

So we know who you are, you are asked to create a profile on the Seecratz Social Media platform. We will review your profile to ensure you are suitable. Note: Fake applications will be declined.

03 Step-by-step guide

From there you will have access to our easy to follow step-by-step guide.

04 Holding your hand

We will hold your hand through the initial steps of the guide to help you fully understand how Seecratz work.

05 decide your level

After the initial steps, the guide will provide several options ranging from 'very easy' to 'advanced'. You decide which option to take, or you may explore all levels.

06 All done

You will be ready to start your new career with Seecratz.

Okay, let's get started

Proceed to step 1 - Start Application