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Here’s a list of ‘frequently asked questions’ to provide the quickest and easiest solution to resolve any issues you may have.

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Seecratz Social Media Platform
  • Please check your emails ‘Junk email’ folder. If you find the email there, check the box to allow emails from sender, and click the confirmation URL provided.
  • Still not recieved? – From the dropdown menu, click on ‘Subscription’ link, followed by the ‘Resend Confirmation Email’ link. 

It suggests you are either a new member, or your account has expired.

If you are a new member, and have not yet confirmed your email address. Follow the ‘New Member – Not received email confirmation link’ help instructions listed above.

If your account has expired, renew your account by clicking on the ‘Subscription’ link from the drop down menu, followed by the ‘Renew Membership’ link. 

Yes, simply click the ‘Subscription’ link from the dropdown menu, followed by the ‘Change’ link. Then select the new plan you wish to enjoy.

Yes, from the dropdown menu, click ‘Profile’, followed by the ‘Edit Profile’. For changes to happen, you need to complete all required fields in that section. Don’t worry, you can make them private so they are not visible to other members.

How to – Cancel or Delete an Agent membership

To cancel your Agent membership, click on the ‘Subscription’ link from the dropdown menu, followed by the cancel link. After cancelling you will continue to have full access until your next subscription payment date at which point your account will switch to an expired membership status.

As an expired member, you will still have limited access to your membership account that provides you a quick and easy renewal process. Until you renew, your details will be invisible to all other members.

If you have cancelled your account, but still wish to access your affiliate details, you need to renew your subscription account. From the dropdown menu, click on ‘Subscription’ link, followed by the ‘Renewal’ link. 

How to promote member to Co-Organiser or Moderator or Remove from group.

Click on the group to open.

Click on the ‘Manage’ tab.

From the left hand menu list, click on ‘Members’.

Click on the member whom you want to change status.

Here you will find various tabs for you to select.

Please use the contact form below, providing as much information possible to explain your issue. 

One of our support team will respond at the earliest convenience.

For your account to operate, we store the general account settings you’ve added, profile details and regular entries you’ve made whilst using the website.

In addition to the above, the only item we store that you’ve NOT manually entered is your IP address. We store that in order to operate your affiliate account. For full details, please read our privacy policy

Your address (unless you’ve manually entered it as part of your profile which we DO NOT recommend) or any bank or card details are NEVER SEEN OR HELD by us. They are stored by PayPal.

To ensure your data does not get into the wrong hands, we manually operate the export data procedure, which is time consuming. To help us utilise our time to keep improving the website, please DO NOT request your data unless it’s absolutely necessary.

We thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

Should it however be absolutely necessary…

To request a copy of your personal data held by us, click on the Settings link from the drop down menu > Export Data > Request Export Data.

If you have not received a reply from our support team within one month, use the contact form to re-request the data.

To delete your account, click on the Settings link from the drop down menu > Delete Account.


When you delete your account, by law your entire account is deleted from our database. It is NOT possible to recover the deleted account.

Without your data, future affiliate payments will not be possible. You will lose all recorded affiliate referrals and lifetime customers..

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