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How to earn £240.00 - £1,200.00 monthly

Why Seecratz

The Facts

I guarantee every ‘Online Earning Opportunity’ is based on networking. They may try to disguise it with spectacular presentations, claiming it’s encoding, casinos, health and beauty products (which are overpriced and you will never sell) or many more different titles. But the FACT remains, you will only make serious money when inviting others to their platform. They then pay you a one-off commission for each new member you introduce.

But we are different...

We don’t just pay you a one-off commission, we repeat paying you that commission every month – That’s RESIDUAL INCOME, and why financial experts say it’s the best form of online income.

Monetised Plan

Just 5 Per week

Earn £240.00 - £1,2000.00

Using the promotion material we provide, you simply copy and paste our scripts to Facebook groups or other networks to invite new members.

It’s so easy – Each post should take less than a minute to upload. Therefore, working just 2-3 hours per day, you could easily upload 50 posts per day.

50 posts per day x 6 days per week = 300 posts – Each post on average should attract a minimum of 10 interested people which means you could have (300 x 10) 3000 inquiries per week.

If only 5 of those 3000 enquiries join Seecratz, you will be on target to earn between £240.00 –  £1,200.00 per month. That’s the magic of RESIDUAL INCOME.

What is Residual Income.

Once you invite a new members to Seecratz, you will earn a commission.

Then the residual income repeats that commission payment each month.

Which means after the initial introduction you can sit back and relax watching the money role in every month the person you introduced continues their membership.

The Basics...

01 Register

The registration takes less than a minute by entering basic details Name, email address etc - Done!

02 Training

Take 10 minutes to read our easy to follow instructions. This will give you a full understanding of how it all works, and introduces you to the affiliate area that holds all your earnings data.

03 Copy and Paste

Similar to how you were introduced to Seecratz - All you do is introduce new members by using our scripts, images and step-by-step guide to create daily posts on Facebook.

04 Reply to interest shown

Using our scripts, reply to messages from interested people. Each member introduced could earn you between £12.00 - £60.00

05 Start planning future

Start dreaming and planning for the future you and your family deserve.