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Residual Income

When you introduce new members, you receive a commission. This is called the new membership commission.

When that member you introduced renews their monthly subscription, you receive a repeat commission without the need to do anything. This is called residual income.

For example, you work hard to introduce a new member and receive £1.50 commission. Then without doing anything, you receive another £1.50 EVERY month that member renews their subscription. That one member could earn you £18.00 (12 months x £1.50) per year.

Let’s now take a look at how the residual income builds up over the months / years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, absolutely not. There is no need for us to hard sell the Seecratz platform to you as we’re NOT asking you for thousands to buy overpriced unsellable products.

We operate in a fully transparent way, with a simple £3.00 per month subscription that you can cancel at any time.

In exchange for that £3.00 you have full access to our fun social media platform, and our high earning residual income based platform.

Because our process is so user friendly, you will just need 10 minutes to quickly read through our instructions to familiarise yourself with the all important affiliate area.

The times and days you work is entirely your choice. You have total flexibility to work around your daily / weekly schedule. 

Also note, as the residual income requires no work once you’ve introduced new members, you could take a break at anytime knowing the residual payments will still flow into your account.

To give members maximum protection, all payments are processed through PayPal, the largest and most secure payment platform.  

Because of the high value earnings, payment is made once per month, the last working day of each month.

Yes, but so low it should never affect you.

The minimum commission payout is just £5.00 which you would qualify after earning just 4 commissions for the month. Any unpaid commission roles over to the following month with a maximum rollover of 12 months. 

Full access to all your statistics can be found in the well presented affiliate area section. This section contains everything you need to operate your personal platform.  

Yes, of course you can. When you cancel, your membership will continue to be active until the next payment date.

Your PayPal arrangement is cancelled as part of your subscription cancellation process. As we would no longer be able to process the residual payments through PayPal, future residual payments would be cancelled too.

When members experience the fantastic earning opportunity, and start earning residual income, the incentive to continue will be overwhelming. To cancel would be throwing away the residual income they have earned.

In the unlikely event they cancel, your 50% of the membership fee paid by members you introduce would be zero. However, because they are your lifetime referral, if they renew their subscription, you would automatically once again start receiving the 50% residual commission. 

Regarding your financial records – Because we use PayPal, Seecratz has no access to your PayPal data.

The only data we store are the basic details you enter as part of your Seecratz social media profile. Like all reputable platforms, to protect that information, we use a leading online security company that will detect attempted fraudulent activity, and instantly shut down the platform until security is renewed.

Let’s now take a look at how the residual income builds up over the months / years.