The free for a year FamilyPlus membership pays a reduced 10% commission.

For just £1 you can join as a Seecratz Junior Partner to receive the increased 50% commission.

Why you need PayPal for a free membership…

Although your FamilyPlus membership is free for 1 year, activation through PayPal is required to generate a link for your future commission payments to be paid directly into your PayPal account. Upon activation, your PayPal documents and records will confirm it was a free for 1 year activation.

What Commission Do You Want To Earn…

FamilyPlus Plan

10% Commission

1 year FREE membership subscription.

Your subscription will be renewed for £1 per year after the initial free 1 year period. You can cancel the renewal at anytime to avoid this charge.

Includes 10% affiliate commission.

Seecratz FamilyPlus Member

...Followed by £1 per year after the initial 1 year free period
  • NOTE: To avoid the £1 renewal fee, you can cancel the annual £1 subscription renewal at any time.
  • Reduced 10% Team Commission
  • Signup with trusted PayPal platform - required to pay your commission
  • Create Own Profile
  • Auto Timeline Page
  • Include in Directory
  • Private Settings
  • Friend Request
  • View / Join Groups