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A Social Media platform that features built-in Zoom for you to hold '1 – 1' or '1 - Many' group webcam meetings with your Seecratz friends. Hold live classes, or even perform live to your invited audience. The options are limited only by your imagination.

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- All the regular features of a social media platform.

- Built-in Zoom.

- A share of Seecratz profits.

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Sharing The Profits

Through our affiliate scheme, members can earn a monthly payment of upto £1.50 GBP per month for each person you introduce* to Seecratz.

That means you could earn £18 per year for each person you introduce* (12 months x £1.50 = £18.00) 

How many people could you introduce to Seecratz?

*Introduce – New members that join though your affiliate links.