First and foremost we are a social media platform designed for you to connect with friends new and old...
Secondly, we offer an affiliate reward plan to all members who wish to share our profits.
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About Us

Seecratz Social Media Platform

In addition to offering all the regular profiles, timeline, groups, forum features – our Seecratz social media platform with integrated Zoom allows you to hold live classes, or even perform live to your invited audience.

Includes Zoom Feature

Seecratz Social Media Zoom Featue


In addition to the regular Social Media features, Seecratz allows you to hold live classes, or even perform live to your invited audience.

The options are limited only by your imagination.

Proud of what we offer...

We at Seecratz have strived relentlessly to produce a social media platform that offers a user friendly environment by reducing restrictions you may have experienced on similar platforms, whilst still ensuring your protection…

Please take a closer look at what we offer by taking just a minute to sign-up. If you like what you see, why not invite some friends to join you.


Our Pledge

Why should owners of social media platforms keep the billions members have helped them to mass? Don’t you think members should have their share too?

We are different – Through our affiliate plan, our aim is to share profits we make with YOU the members.

And we pledge that we will treat our members in the way they deserve, with respect and honesty. Come join us!

Jamie & Gabriella

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