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Solid foundations are the cornerstone of success in everything you do in life



step-by-step plan...

step-by-step plan...

Step 3 - Foundations

Step 3 of the 7 Step Affiliate Plan

The key to success is to post Seecratz ‘Creatives’ to your social media platforms.

You being here is proof of how effective creatives are as they attracted either you, or the person who invited you to Seecratz.

OK, let’s start walking a little faster to create our 1st Facebook post. So you have complete control, we will post it to your Facebook timeline.

Post Creatives...

Post Creatives...

This is what the completed post will look like
Seecratz Social Post Example
Step 4 - Foundations

Where are the creatives

  • From the main menu, select Affiliate Area.
  • From the left hand panel of the Affiliate page, select Facebook Guide.
  • From the tabs that run across the top, select Facebook.
  • For the purpose of this exercise, select the one that is headed  ‘Your 1st group post creative’.
  • Copy and paste that image to your pc, laptop or phone for later use.

Post Instructions

  1. Sign in to Facebook.
  2. Start creating a post to your own personal timeline.
  3. Upload the sample creative you just copied as a photo to your post.
  4. Copy and paste the following Text into your Facebook Post.

Wow, this is amazing. It really is a golden opportunity for anyone serious about online work.

Available to all, no investment, work from home, and offers huge earning potential.

(Add your affiliate URL to the bottom of the text and press return so that it shows as a clickable link)

Let's make sure it works

Step 4 - Foundations
  • Ask 5 of your friends to click on the link, and to message you to confirm they have done so.
  • All 5 clicks should now appear in your Affiliate Area visits.
  • Message the 5 back to thank them, and ask them join Seecratz, plus to complete the profiles like you did.