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Configure Zoom

Allowing you to hold live video meetings with friends and family, even if they don't have a Zoom account.

Configure Zoom...

Configure Zoom...

Zoom Marketplace...

Zoom Marketplace...

Create Zoom Marketplace...

Create Zoom Marketplace...

NOTE: You must use the same email address for both Zoom as you did with Seecratz.

    1. Select this link https://marketplace.zoom.us/ to open Zoom Marketplace.
    2. Sign up. 
    3. An email will be sent to you to activate the account.
    4. Skip the invite others section as you follow the instructions to complete the activation. 
    5. sign out.

Integrate Zoom

Integrate Zoom...

Example of complete integration
Step 1 example

Step 1

Open the Seecratz PRIVATE group you recently created.

    1. Once opened, select the ‘Manage’ tab.
    2. Select Zoom from the left hand menu.
    3. In the Group Zoom Settings, check the ‘Yes, I want to connect this group to Zoom’.
    4. In the Group Permissions, select ‘Organizers Only’.


Step 2 example

Step 2

We will now create a Zoom App to copy / paste the Zoom API credential into this Seecratz section. 


Copy the Seecratz token URL to the Zoom API credentials.

Ignore the Setup Wizard as it’s out of our control, and can be very confusing.

    1. Sign back into your https://marketplace.zoom.us/ account.


Step 3 example

Step 3 - Start

    1. Select the ‘Develop > Build App’.
Step 4 example

Step 4 - Create App

    1. Choose the JWT option, and click ‘Create’.
    2. The ‘Create a JWT App’ pop-up will appear. Enter the name of your Seecratz PRIVATE group so you can easily identify it.
Step 5 example

Step 5 - Information

In the ‘information’ tab, you will be asked to add your information.

    1. Enter YOUR name as the Company name.
    2. Again, enter your name as the Name.
    3. Enter your e-mail address – Remember, the email address you enter must be the same as the one you have registered for Seecratz.
    4. Select ‘Continue’.
Step 6 example

Step 6 - App Credentials

In the ‘App Credentials’ tab, you will see the App credentials. We will now copy from Zoom, and paste those credentials into your Seecratz group Zoom API Credentials section as follows

    1. Copy the Zoom API Key, and paste into the Seecratz group API Key field.
    2. Copy the Zoom API Secret, and paste into the Seecratz group API Secret field.
    3. Enter your e-mail address.
    4. Go back to Zoom and Select ‘Continue’.

NOTE: You will copy / paste the ‘Verification Token’ in the next step

Step 7 example

Step 7 - Feature

In the ‘Feature’ tab, we will copy / paste the verification token. Then create an event subscription.

    1. Copy the Verification Token from Zoom and paste to your Seecratz API credentials.
    2. Slide the Event Subscription’ on. It should now be coloured blue.
    3. Click on + Add Event Subscription.
Step 8 example

Step 8 - Events

We will now create an event.

    1. Subscription name – Enter your Seecratz private group name.
    2. Event notification endpoint URL – Go back to your Seecratz page. Under the Verification token field you will see a link to copy. (The link looks like this – https://seecratz.com/groups/?zoom_webhook=1&group_id=15) – We need to copy that link, return back to Zoom and paste that link as the ‘Event notification endpoint URL’.
    3. Select ‘+ Add Events’.
Step 9 example

Step 9 - Event Types

Meeting Settings

    1. Select ‘Meeting’ from the left hand menu.
    2. In the right hand menu – Check boxes
      • Start Meeting
      • End Meeting
      • Meeting has been updated
      • Meeting has been deleted.
Step 9 example

Step 9 - Event Types

Recording Settings

    1. Select ‘Recording’ from the left hand menu.
    2. Check box
      • All Recordings have completed
Step 9 example

Step 9 - Event Types

Webinar Settings

    1. Select ‘Webinar’ from the left hand menu.
    2. Check boxes
      • Start Webinar
      • End Webinar
      • Meeting has been updated
      • Meeting has been deleted.
    3. Select Done.
Step 10 example

Step 10 - Save

    1. Select ‘Save’.
Step 10 example

Step 10 - Continue

    1. Select ‘Continue’.
Step 11 example

Step 11 - Activation

You should now see a message confirming ‘Your app is activated on the account.

Before you sign out of Zoom, we just need to check the Seecratz connection is working ok by following the next step.

Step 12 example

Step 12 - Check

Returning back to your Seecratz group, all the credentials should now be completed.

  1. Select ‘Save Settings’.
  2. When the page refreshes – Select ‘Check Connection’.
  3. A pop-up message should now confirm “Zoom API is now connected”. Select OK.

Now it’s connected, you can return to Zoom to sign out.

All Done...

All Done...

Your Private group menu tabs
Meeting Settings to use

Settings to use

When creating the meeting you should check the 3 boxes to control other participants options.

  1. Mute participants upon entry.
  2. Enable waiting room.
  3. Only authenticated users can join.
Meeting settings to use

Settings to use

When in Zoom do the following.

  1. Select the more button against your name, then select ‘Spotlight for everyone’.
  2. Select the Mute All, followed by ‘Don’t allow to unmute’.